Blogs Are Dead To Me!

This will be my last blog post ever (Not Really), because my friend Nethermind has opened my eyes to the fallacy of good reading material that are the collective Blogosphere. With her permission I reprint the conversation:

[10:48] Nethermind Bliss: so, blogging
[10:48] Nethermind Bliss: here’s my issue with it
[10:48] CrowValen: Please tell
[10:48] Nethermind Bliss: which is why I won’t and you can blog about it 😉
[10:49] Nethermind Bliss: blogging is neither spontaneous nor timeless
[10:49] Nethermind Bliss: it’s this dead space in between where words are no longer alive but they haven’t been edited and polished enough to display well
[10:49] Nethermind Bliss: give me this (realtime chat) or give me letters
[10:50] Nethermind Bliss: the in between space is just that…. in between and not any real destination
[10:50] Nethermind Bliss: and academics do it all the time, which I have more issues with
[10:50] CrowValen: why
[10:50] Nethermind Bliss: if their ideas are really good, they’re saving them for publication
[10:50] Nethermind Bliss: so, then it’s just orthographic pixelated masturbation
[10:50] Nethermind Bliss: fluffing one’s own metal pedigree
[10:50] Nethermind Bliss: Taco’s is a good blog, cos it gives real recipies
[10:50] Nethermind Bliss: but, by and large, I am bored with blogs
[10:51] Nethermind Bliss: I’d rather speak to the person, or read something they’ve actually worked on

I think I agree.


~ by Chadrick on February 24, 2007.

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