“The desire of some deaf parents to create deaf children (and deny them subsequent sound-creating implant surgery, to assure that their kids are raised with the benefits of the deaf lifestyle and support of the “deaf community”) made News of the Weird in 1995 and 2002. According to a December report in The Times of London, one provision of the UK’s pending Human Tissue and Embryos Bill would prevent embryo-screening couples from creating “designer” babies, but the British Deaf Association is campaigning for an exception to allow deaf parents to choose specific embryos more likely to yield deaf children. [The Times (London), 12-23-07]


~ by Chadrick on January 21, 2008.

One Response to “WTF?”

  1. Deaf people are probably the most elitist, clique-iest human beings on Earth. I lived in a dorm with them and learned a lot about their culture. Basically, many of the truly deaf shun those who are partially deaf, get hearing implants, or are fully capable of hearing. They believe that they have evolved past the need of hearing and are thusly better than everybody else. It’s a really sad but true situation and it makes sense that they would want to bear deaf children. Hell, even House had an episode about a midget mother wanting to keep her daughter a midget (even though she had the choice of letting her grow) just so she could learn to overcome adversity. People are fucked up like that.

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