I Love SX But Not SW

Due to the Mandela Effect, you’ve now been pranked.

Here is a Video for your troubles:




~ by Chadrick on March 13, 2008.

16 Responses to “I Love SX But Not SW”

  1. oh man, if they thought /your/ shirt was bad I think I’ve something to show them.

  2. That’s just ludicrous. It’s just a word for crying out loud, and you covered it up. It’s not as if you were being unruly or difficult. Or carrying a liquid.

  3. Okay, that’s the best story I’ve read in ages.

  4. Obviously you are a knucklehead who doesn’t have any kids and if you think a shirt like that is okay for a place like an airplane – okay for a frat party/bar etc – then you should probably consider not having any!! You’d be just like the Mother on the plane that would buy one for her child. She probably alos buys him alcohol & pot.

  5. Hi Vicki, thank you for your lovely retort. As a fuckin’ genius, I know how to spell “also”. If you like, I can help you learn so you can teach your kids too. Then they will be geniuses and can wear the shirt! And it’s okay, we don’t have to give them any booze or pot, regardless of your preference of influencing young geniuses.

  6. It’s too bad that family values don’t include ensuring the safety of it’s passangers, just their moral obedience. http://tinyurl.com/2w4jp5

  7. Chadrick, check this out, hehehehe:

    “Family Airline” indeed!

  8. Wow. Right when you think you’ve heard it all. South West airlines is concerned with the word “Fuck” on your shirt, yet I am sure the chick wearing a micro mini with her ass hanging out isn’t required to “put on some pants”.. or the smelly guy who’s body odor is so kickin’ you began to consider other avenues of travel if this is what you can expect on a airline. Now, If your shirt said “Fuck me” okay… turn it inside out.. cuz’ there are chicks that would be drooling and not getting to thier seats in a timely manner. I am all for being considerate, but it is often one sided. Be considerate to those whom it offends, and screw those who it doesn’t offend?? Is there something wrong here? I would love to send you this pin I have. Seems like you could make more use of it than I at the moment. It reads: “Fuck off, this message is brought to you by the first Amendment” Hah. Stop b my blog, I’ll happily post a pic of you in your t-shirt!! Hooray for a hot guy bod in a funny shirt!

  9. The shirt is in poor taste. Good grief. Don’t you have a mother?
    BTW, you need to actually READ the First Amendment. Clearly you are clueless. It DOES NOT COVER profanity.

  10. haha im flying South West next weekend from San Francisco to Texas. seriously i think i’ll get my self a shirt like that and wear it.

  11. Sherry: Silly girl. Here in America we have the right to the personal choices in which we want to believe. Including if a t-shirt that says FUCK is funny or not. Now, before you fall of your self righteous pedestal I suggest you point your finger at yourself for attacking another person in which you do not know. I think it’s very inhumane to question if someone had/has a mother when you don’t know thier personal circumstances and lacks the compassion in which you are aggressively trying to attempt to defend. Your comment was worse than reading FUCK on a shirt.

  12. Sherry-
    I second Michelle’s last two sentences.
    What kind of a question is that? What does having a mother even have anything to do with an individual’s behavior? When children grow up, they are going to do what they want to do. They will say what they want to say. And they will wear whatever they want to wear. They have minds of their own. Your teachings are no longer relevant once they reach their teen-age years anyway! So why does an individual’s choices reflect his/her mother? If a person didn’t have a mother, what then, would that person be?
    For a person who speaks as if she’s soo godly, you sure lack a lot of compassion and logic.

    The first amendment DOES NOT cover profane verbality that provokes public attention/riots. However, Chadrick did NOT cause any of that or attract negative attention- he actually attracted the opposite. If anything, the stewardess was the one creating conflict. Not to mention, you can not speak for your company and apply a rule that does not exist, if it is NOT officially a rule/policy.

    AMEN to you, Chadrick. I would have loved to see/hear about Southwest getting sued for something like that. You are a fuckin’ genius for trying to get her to answer if it was the policy. They never even really answered you. They avoided it. “Family-airline”- my ass. Some families use profanity like it’s nothing; I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.

  13. Ive been trying to buy this shirt…Do you know where i can get it?!!? Please email me if you !!! Thanks

  14. I have a “fuck cancer” shirt. I personally know almost 3 dozen people who have survived, died from or are struggling with it. This mother was so offended that I wore it. She said that I must be angry. I told her, “Hell yeah, I’m angry that Cancer is killing so many people. You should be too.”

  15. im trying to buy that shirt too where can i get it???? Please email me

  16. im trying to buy that shirt too where can i get it???? Please email mee

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