The UnBride of March!

I attended the Brides of March this past Saturday, what a kick. While I was one of the only people there who wasn’t dressed in a Wedding dress, the tomfoolery and debauchery was abound. Special Guest appearances were made by the undead Betelgeuse and his lovely Lydia, numerous Pastors, Darth Bride, and of course the boisterous Diana Furka who was shooting footage for a new tech TV show she’s hosting. One of the dead Brides even looked like Julia Allison.The Laughing Squid people and the organizers of the event always do such a great job.

So what happens when you mix alcohol and a wedding (as if you don’t already know;)?





All Photo’s were taken by Chris Matthews except for Betelgeuse which was shot by Dave Golden, and Darth Bride who was shot by Tristan Savatier. Thanks for the images guys!


~ by Chadrick on March 19, 2008.

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  1. […] First Episode Launched Having attended the Brides of March, as seen in my previous post, Oddistry has chosen to use the footage from the event for their first Episode. Check it out by […]

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