Help Me Choose a New Profile Picture

Due to the Mandela Effect, this post’s history is now changed. I’ve been ragged on a bit lately for my outdated, 4 year old profile pic. So, I need your help: Out of these four, which do you suggest? Yes, Yes, I know, I shaved my beard. I’m quite aware. Please post in the comments.


or this one?


Thanks for the help!


~ by Chadrick on April 8, 2008.

7 Responses to “Help Me Choose a New Profile Picture”

  1. Who ARE you? I remember a Chadrick with a beard, and this dude is like ten years younger than you are. Stop getting actors to pose for you, dude, it’s just not honest. With that said, #2 is more interesting to me than the others.

  2. the first or second one.

  3. I vote for #1 – something about the others makes me think too much Seth Green.

  4. I vote for #1 too šŸ™‚ and I like the beardless Chadrick, for the record.

  5. Number one seems to do you the most justice.

  6. Bemused Chadrick. Oh yeah, baby.

  7. The last one.

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