I’ve Had It With WikiFascists

Wikipedia has now gone too far and taken down my band for not being notable. How dare they!
The Red Hot Reiner Peppers, the only Live Midi Band in existence, according to Wikipedia, isn’t notable?

This time Wikipedia has lost it. Early today, one of our fans, Charles, posted our information to Wikipedia for us, here’s a screen shot of the post:
…and yes, the WikiFascists took it down. Twice! How can they say we aren’t notable? Our lead, Jesse Reiner of Chrime in Choir fame, is in 9 different bands! Keyboardist Tom Verre is an artist who is listed as tied for Number One Favorite artist in 1990 in the Comic Almanac right next to Charles Vess! And of course, myself, notable and world famous Valleywag Mascot and Harbinger of Virtual Spaces World Wide?

Wikifascists, this is for you… because YOU wikipedia, are seriously challenging my concept on loving everyone.

Also, RHRP’s Video for our Midi version of Suck My Kiss:


~ by Chadrick on April 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “I’ve Had It With WikiFascists”

  1. Stay out of Malibu, Red Hot Reiner Peppers!

  2. You are so hot and hysterical. You live in San Francisco?

  3. I have followed Red Hot Reiner Peppers for awhile now. They’re the ONLY kind of midi I will listen to, and they’ve given me renewed interest in this as a musical genre. RHRP, come back to the Louisville area! We have a ton of people on Mojo who are big fans of your music and your MESSAGE. Wikipedia cannot change reality based on their own narrow-minded ignorance!

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