An Open Letter To Comcast

The news released today from cNet regarding Comcast’s change in policy, was that Bandwidth will soon be capped past a particular point.
Comcast offers no regulatory tools, or assistance in monitoring the cap. I’m sure people are writing to the complaint department, which you can do yourself here.

This was my complaint letter to them, I encourage everyone who subscribes to Comcast’s service to do the same. Thanks for reading!

I am writing this to voice my displeasure in your service, and the recent announcement of Comcast’s intention to cap service after October 1st.

As both a professional in the Tech Industry, and Residential Subscriber, I’ve dealt with Comcast a lot, and have been a Comcast subscriber for a total of 7 years, in various Cities throughout California. I remember when I signed up with Comcast, being happy with the Customer Service I received, and over the years watched that service decline. On average I experience 1/6th of my Comcasts promised internet speed, and with all this, I was always willing to tolerate the rapid decline of what a Company like Comcast could both potentially be in servicing it’s customers, but also with the opportunity presented to it to further the Tech industry and the Global world wide web as a whole.

Let me be clear. This is a BAD decision on your part. Comcast will fail if they go through with this. Comfail. The internet is changing the world, streaming companies like Netflix or Hulu are changing the way movies are accessed, VoIP is allowing better access to families and individuals who wish to stay connected, and Virtual Worlds which stream their content and will someday define the look and feel of the internet are growing more rapidly and becoming more prominent in our daily lives. As the shift in society happens which allows the Internet and World to steadily grow and progress forward (based on a promise of ACCESS), Comcast has come along and made a move which could potentially screw it all up.

I see from the release that if subscribers go over the 250GB allotted bandwidth limits, that you will cancel service? SERIOUSLY? What knuckle head thought of this whopper? No new plan types, no new service packages, no solutions for those that this mistake in policy affects (I know this because I called and asked if there was anything I can do to not be affected by this change, including paying more for a different plan)? Instead they chose to just cancel if the user goes over the allotted limit?


You will fail. As a professional in the tech industry, I am informing you now, I am looking for a new solution to provide my internet access, as are many others. If this goes into place on October 1st, I will cease to be a customer once and for all. I am also going to personally make it my mission to get this information out there to as many people as possible. Blogging, news articles, whatever has to be done.

Growth and the advancing freedom of our internet can only happen with companies like Comcast standing behind the idea that money can still be made with new IDEAS, not new restrictions.

Epic Fail. Epic Comcast.”


~ by Chadrick on August 29, 2008.

One Response to “An Open Letter To Comcast”

  1. I think shedding a large number of customers is actually a part of the plan.

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