Romanian Genius Sets His Roomate On Fire

For those of you who know me, you remember Phreak Media, and Phreak Interactive, the content development company I served as Director of Business Development at from 2005-2007. We were the company that hosted the Virtual World interactive portion at Google Zeitgeist festival last year, and rebuilt the Google campus in Second Life for Zeitgeist attendees.
Over the course of working for Phreak, the company got to know a guy by the name of Vlad, who worked in Romania, and hosted one of our servers for us, which allowed us to stream and manage the radio content portion of Phreak’s endeavors. Vlad was a kick.
We would often check out an online webcam of Vlad’s office room, where we would watch Vlad either mess with his coworkers or, well, sleep.

Vlad is back, and Romanians are rock stars. Gypsy’s aside, I’m starting to think that the people who come from the country that gave us Transylvania, are either brilliant, or nuts.
He’s set his roommate on fire. Yes.. on fire. Click here for the vid.


~ by Chadrick on October 6, 2008.

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